Vendaface was a vending machine that could give other Muppets face lifts on The Muppet Show. He was apparently only meant to be used once, but David Lazer said that they shouldn't build such an expensive puppet only to use him once[1]. The writers then decided to have him on the show a few more times in the first season.

The puppet also reappeared as Vendawish in episode 318.


In his first skit, he gives psychiatric advice instead of face lifts. Vendaface asks that Fozzie Bear deposit another coin. He keeps putting coins into the machine, and Vendaface tells him "Your problem is, you are too generous".
A very unattractive Whatnot woman gets her face changed. The next customer, who doesn't really have anything wrong with her face, likes the results and tries out Vendaface, but Vendaface gives this woman the same features that the last customer originally had.
Statler makes a rare appearance out of the balcony (it is not stated where Vendaface is located, whether on the stage, backstage, or in the area between the ticket office and the seating) and gets a face lift. However, all Vendaface does is punch Statler's nose into his mouth.


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