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The Sour Grapes Bunch are shown "Doin' The Banana Split" with - who else? - The Banana Splits.

The Sour Grapes are a group of human female characters from the Banana Splits. One member of the club, Charlie - played by Shirley Hillstrom - would often bring a written note to the Splits.

None of the Sour Grapes girls spoke in the entire series, although they did a musical number with the Banana Splits in their first-season episode "Doin' The Banana Split"; this was a rare occasion when all five girls appeared together with the Splits.

The other Sour Grapes girls were Debra Thibodeaux, Colette Chenault, Julie Graham and the late Kathy O'Dare. Their dance instructor/choreographer was Byron Gilliam. Each of the SG girls wore a purple minidress with the "SOUR GRAPES" logo monogrammed on the back. The girls also wore pink leotards with matching tights and black go-go boots.

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