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The Puzzle Place is a television series on PBS that contains a group of kids of different race and their two pets, Sizzle and Nuzzle. They help solve issues, such as racial discrimination, to figuring out a problem of their own. Both Muppet and non-Muppet performers were part of the show for more than five years on PBS.


  • Julie Woo is a Chinese-American girl from San Francisco. She is portrayed by Alice Dinnean.
  • Kiki Flores is a Mexican-American girl from San Antonio. Carmen Osbahr portrayed her.
  • Ben Olafson is a boy of German and Norwegian descent from a farm near Renner, South Dakota. He is portrayed by Jim Martin.
  • Leon MacNeal is an African-American boy from New York City. He is portrayed by Noel MacNeal.
  • Skye Nakaiye is an Apache boy from an Indian reservation in Arizona. Peter Linz portrayed him.
  • Jody Silver is a Lithuanian-Jewish girl from Cincinnati. Allison Mohrk portrayed her.
  • Sizzle and Nuzzle are an anthropomorphic cat-and-dog duo. Around the Puzzle Place kids, they act as actual animals. They are usually in a subplot of their own. Sizzle, the cat, was portrayed by Alice Dinnean, who also played Julie; Nuzzle, the dog, was portrayed by Peter Linz, who also played Skye.
  • The Piece Police are the inhabitants of the Puzzle Place. They mostly grumble rather than speak. Nevertheless, they understand the English language. They were portrayed by the same puppeteers who portrayed Kiki, Ben, Leon, and Jody.
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