Brian Muehl • (1979 - 1984)
Martin P. Robinson • (1984 - present)
Telly Monster

Telly Monster

Telly & Baby Bear

Telly with Baby Bear, his best friend.

Telly eyes

Telly, in his original, television-obsessed form.

Meeting the Telly Monster

Mr. Hooper and David meet Telly, who made a packing crate with a hole in it his home. His habit of watching television just inches away from the set was perceived as a bad example to children.

Telly & Freddy

Telly with his doll, Freddy.

Telly Follow that Bird

Telly in his normal Grouchketeer attire.

Telly Monster is a character from Sesame Street. He has a pet hamster named Chuckie Sue. Telly's best friend is Baby Bear. He continues to be one of the leading characters in Season 38.

Telly was originally performed by Bob Payne for his first few appearances, then by Brian Muehl who used a low, gruff-sounding voice. Muehl also developed Telly's worrywart personality, making Telly a character who always needed reassurance in order to be confident. When Marty Robinson took over in 1984, he originally began with the personality Muehl already established for the character, using a voice similar to Muehl’s Telly voice. However, Telly evolved over time, gaining a much stronger emotional range. “His main thing now is that he believes totally in whatever he’s into,” says Robinson “And he can turn on a dime and that doesn’t belie what he was feeling before. He can go from great joy to great sorrow and it’s all totally genuine.” [1] Telly being a Live-Hand Muppet, Martin P. Robinson is assisted in performing him by Pam Arciero.

Early on, Telly was often paired with Oscar the Grouch, whom he often tries to befriend against tremendous odds. The two were traveling companions in Follow that Bird, and Telly is a member of Oscar's fan club, the Grouchketeers. The two starred in two recurring sketches together: "Ask Oscar," which Telly introduced; and "Sneak Peek Previews".

In recent years, Telly has often been seen in the company of his good friend Baby Bear. Telly has a great love of triangles, and owns a pet hamster named Chuckie Sue. Telly has a favorite toy doll which he named "Freddy". (When Telly was a baby monster, his favorite toy was a stuffed animal horse which he named "Clark" before he got "Freddy"). He also plays the bassoon, the tuba and, of course, the triangle. He also occasionally appears as a Monster on the Spot reporter. He also often jumps on a pogo stick, after Mr. Handford taught him how to in 1993 episode.


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