S-A-I-N-T Prototype Number "6"

S-A-I-N-T Prototype Number 6 is only briefly seen as one of the S-A-I-N-T Prototypes in Short Circuit.

Its operational status and whereabouts is unknown, but during a discussion between Dr. Howard Marner, Washington State Senator Mills and Major General Washburne while waiting for Dr. Newton Crosby to show up from his lab for a meet-and-greet, Number 6 can be found on display in the Nova Laboratories Visitors Center on a 360-degree rotating pedestal.

During this awkward conversation, Major General Washburne points to Number 6, explaining to Senator Mills that the S-A-I-N-T unit can be parachuted behind enemy lines and hideout until after a nuclear first strike fallout blows over, when it would be possible for the unit to carry a 25 MT nuclear bomb up "main street Moscow", similar to the practice of the mailman delivering bad news, all under the codename "Operation Gotcha Last."

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