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"These are dark times young cuke"
―Obi Wan Cannoli [src]

Obi Wan Cannoli is a character from the online film Grocery Store Wars. Cuke Skywalker, Ham Solo, ChewBroccoli, and Obi Wan Cannoli travel through the organic system in the Millennium Scallion driven by ChewBroccoli and Solo.

When they arrive at the empire they set out to find Princess Lettuce, who has been captured by Egg Troopers. Cuke wearing an Egg Trooper helmet finds and rescues the Princess. Before they leave Cuke must battle the evil Lord Tader, Cuke's father which is not known to him at the time.

Obi Wan instructs Cuke to battle Tader to regain control of the farm. Cuke battles Tader and learns the truth that Tader is he real father. Tader loses in the battle against his son Cuke, and the Organic Rebellion gains control of the supermarket.