Nicky is a character from the Tony-award winning musical, Avenue Q. He is often referred to as a good-hearted slacker. Nicky's puppeteer also performs Trekkie Monster, the boy Bad Idea Bear, and other characters. In the original Broadway show Nicky was performed by Rick Lyon who also designed and built all the puppets for the show. In later Broadway casts, Nicky was variously performed by Christian Anderson, David Benoit, and Robert McClure. In the off-Broadway version of the show at new World Stages in NYC, he is played by Cullen Titmas. Nicky is a parody of the Sesame Street character Ernie, to the point where some playgoers mistakenly believe Steve Whitmire performs him.

He lives with Rod, just as Bert lives with Ernie. There are multiple Nicky puppets used in the musical, one for each costume change (pajamas, tuxedo, etc). In Avenue Q, Nicky tells Rod that he should come out of the closet. Angered when Nicky outs him at Brian and Christmas Eve's wedding, Rod kicks Nicky out of their apartment, basically accomplishing Bert's dream.

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