Louise Gold (b. 1956 in London) is an actress and puppeteer best known for her work on The Muppet Show and Spitting Image (For which she was also a co-creator of).

She was the first British puppeteer to join Jim Henson's team, and prior to joining The Muppets in 1977 had no previous experience of puppeteering. They taught her. Her Henson credits include: The Muppet Show, Dark Crystal, The Ghost Of Faffner Hall, Jim Henson's The Animal Show With Stinky And Jake (one which she puppeteered Tizzy Bee one of the first CG puppets), Mopatop's Shop, The Secret Life Of Toys, Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island and the early 1990s even saw her do a stint on Sesame Street. Outside of Henson besides Spitting Image, she also did a bit of puppeteering on Roland Rat's BBC series, The Spooks Of Bottle Bay and, the pilot episode of Space Sprogs. Recently she has also been a Guest-Puppeteer on Transmission: Impossible With Ed And Oucho performing Babs (one of the termites).

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