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Lamb Chop is a fictional ewe puppet, she is a sock puppet first made by Shari Lewis. Shari Lewis was a comedienne and ventriloquist, in 1957 Lamb Chop appeared with Shari Lewis on the television show Captain Kangaroo. During the 1960s, Shari Lewis had her own musical-comedy network television show, The Shari Lewis Show. After most Children's television programs turned to animation, she still continued to perform venues. In 1992 Lamb Chop and Shari Lewis began a television show on PBS called Lamb Chop's Play-Along, an Emmy Award winner for five years.

Lamb Chop is shown to have a teddy bear she named "Mr. Bearly", and an imaginary friend named Maurice Horse, who has an imaginary English bulldog named Farnsworth.

After Shari Lewis's death in 1998, Lamb Chop continues to be performed by Shari's daughter Mallory Lewis.