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  • Grimace was in many McDonalds commercials thru the early 1970s to 2007.
  • Grimace was first introduced in the early days of the McDonaldland commercials as one of the villians. He was originally called "The Evil Grimace" and resembled a huge blobby purple gumdrop with four arms. As the Hamburglar was obsessed with Hamburgers, and Captain Crook was obsessed with Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, The Evil Grimace's obsession was with Shakes, as he was often running off with a whole slew of them packed in his four arms. He was extrememely dumb and Ronald McDonald always managed to fool him.
  • Eventually, the character was changed. The "Evil" was removed from his name, and His arms went from four to two. No longer a villan, he was recast as Ronald's best buddy, a clumsy, not too bright oversized kid with a heart of gold. He retained this persona thruout the rest of his tenure in the McDonalds commercials.
  • During the Shamrock Shake promotions around St. Patrick's day, McDonald's introduced Uncle O'Grimacy,Grimace's uncle from Ireland who spoke with an Irish brogue and was colored green.


  • Grimace was one of few Mcdonalds Characters to still be on commercials after they got sued for using copyrighted story lines and Characters of H.R. Pufnstuf.
  • Grimace was voiced by Lennie Weinrib, who, ironically co-wrote the scripts and voiced many of the characters in H.R.Pufnstuf, produced by Sid and Marty Krofft, who sued McDonalds for copyright infringement.