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Paul Winchell Voice

Fleegle is a full-bodied puppet dog character from The Banana Splits Adventure Hour. He was performed by Jeffrey Brock and voiced by Paul Winchell (who's known for voicing the Disney character, Tigger). As being leader of the Banana Splits Club, he chairs their meetings, frequently standing behind a podium and wielding a large gavel to maintain order (not that he manages to maintain it that well).

One of the recurring segments on the show was The Great Fleegali where Fleegle and his assistant Snorky would present magic tricks for Bingo and Drooper. Fleegle always wore magician attire for the segment. Another was "Hey Fleegle, Get the Mail" In which Fleegle would have to force mail from some uncooperative creature in their mailbox.

Fleegle was also a bit of an inventor, the creator of Mildred the Robot, as well as the Calliopasaxaviatrumparimbaclaribasotrombaphone.

During the first season, there seemed to be at least two different versions of Fleegle used on the show. One used on the set and the other used for outdoor shots. Depending on the lighting, Fleegle's fur color would often seem yellow, beige, or greenish. By the second season, the show used a new Fleegle with a more brownish tint.

Each of the Banana Splits were occasionally shown playing instruments, Fleegle played the guitar.