Drooper is a full-bodied lion puppet character from the Children's television show The Banana Splits Adventure Hour. He was performed by Daniel Owen and voiced by Allan Melvin.  While Fleegle is the leader of the Banana Splits Club, Drooper is generally the most hip and laid-back member of the group. He speaks with a  lazy "country bumpkin" type southern drawl.

One of the recurring segments on the show was Dear Drooper, Drooper and Bingo would offer advice to viewers. This sketch only appeared in season one of the show. another segment was "Drooper, take out the trash" in  which, Drooper would have to deal with an uncooperative trashcan.

During season two, Drooper would often put on a mask and cape and take on the role of the inept "superhero" Super Drooper.

Each of the Banana Splits were occasionally shown playing instruments. Drooper played the bass guitar.


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