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Dr. Nobel Prize

Dr. Nobel Price

Dr. Nobel Price is an inventor whose only inventions are either of no use or have already been invented. He first appeared on Sesame Street around 1979 and remained on the show until about 1988.

He often appeared in Sesame Street News Flash segments, showing off his latest inventions to Kermit the Frog. These were always remotes from Dr. Price's "far-off island laboratory," which may explain why he kept inventing items that already existed, or discovering known creatures such as rabbits. His ineptitude was further emphasized by his constant tripping, due to a very long labcoat (as in episode 1800 where he "discovers" Snuffleupaguses).

Eventually, Dr. Price became a regular in street scenes, where he usually created complicated machines or conducted ridiculous experiments. The only known time that Dr. Price invented something original that actually works came in episode 2255, where he combined various items to create an invention that can dry towels, scratch a dog's ears, holds flowers, plays music, and gives one a place to sit down.

His name is a pun on the Nobel Prize.

There are times when Nobel Price knows that some of his experiments didn't need to be done, but he insisted that he still experiment.


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