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David Rudman (b. ca 1963)[1] is a core Sesame Street performer who performs Baby Bear, Davey Monkey, Humphrey & Chicago the Lion. Rudman, since 2002, has also become Cookie Monster's new main performer - however, Cookie Monster's original performer, Frank Oz, who has, for the most part, moved on to focus on directing, still voices Cookie Monster along w/ Bert & Grover a few times a year. Rudman has also voiced a number of Grouch related characters.

Rudman first started working with the Muppets in a summer internship with the Muppet Workshop in 1981, when he was 18 years old. Richard Hunt helped him get a job as a Muppet performer, & also acted as his mentor, just like Jerry Nelson did for him when he started in the Muppet business [2]. The next year, he graduated from Highland Park High School in Chicago. Then, after Hunt's passing in 1992, Rudman has assumed the roles of Sully, Sonny Friendly & the right (horns up) half of the Two Headed Monster, & he, once, provided the voice of Dip the Cat in 1992 following Hunt's death. Outside of Sesame Street, he has also taken over performing Scooter & Janice in recent new Muppet productions.

With his brother Adam, he's produced Jack's Big Music Show for their Chicago-based company Spiffy Pictures. He has also written & directed live-action films & cartoons for Sesame Street, MTV, Nickelodeon & Comedy Central. His work in TV commercials include ads for Coke, McDonald's, Cheerios, Disney World, the National Wildlife Federation & most notably as Fingerman for a series of Ziploc bag commercials.

He was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2004 for "Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series" for his work on Sesame Street as Baby Bear & Cookie Monster

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  1. In a Chicago Public Radio interview from May 21, 2004, Rudman says he was 5 when Sesame Street started.
  2. Rudman, David The MuppetCast episode 41
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