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"That's really impossible"
―Cuke Skywalker [src]

Cuke Skywalker is the star of the online film, Grocery Store Wars. In the film Cuke, Obi Wan Cannoli, Ham Solo and ChewBroccoli travel through the organic system looking for Princess Lettuce who has been captured by the empire which they learned this from her distress signal she sent with Tofu D2.

When they arrive to save her, Cuke wears an Egg Trooper helmet as a disguise. The Princess realizes immediately that it's not an Egg Trooper, but her rescuer Cuke Skywalker. When the Princess is rescued, their escape is postponed by the evil, Dark Tater.

Obi Wan Cannoli instructs Cuke that he must battle Dark Tater. Cuke battles Tater in the Supermarket, where he learns Tater is his real father. Cuke doesn't believe Tater at first, but Tater instructs Cuke to search his peelings. Cuke does and realizes Tater is his real father once known as Organican, one of the best Jedis in the Supermarket.

Tater and Cuke's Lightsaber battle continues for a few moments, ended by Cuke using the farm to guide him. Cuke was voiced by Louis Fox.