Boris the Excutioner's Hood is a full-bodied character that appears on the television show Lidsville, produced by Sid and Marty Krofft.

Boris is a member of The Bad Hats, one of the enforcers hired by the evil magician Horatio J. HooDoo to keep Lidsville's citizenry, The Good Hats, in line.

Boris, like most of Lidsville's inhabitants, is a living, sentinent piece of headgear. He is a dark brown hood totally covering what should be his head and torso, tied at the waist with a rope. Beefy arms with wrist manacles stick out at the sides. Dark, green-pupiled eyes can be seem thru the eyeholes. He has no visible mouth. He is almost always carrying a headsman's axe. Despite this, Boris looks more like an walking egg than a viable threat.

Boris' function seems to be the Bad Hats' main muscle.

Boris talks with a voice based on horror film actor Peter Lorre.

During production of Lidsville, the writers/producers seemed to have trouble deciding on Boris' proper name. during the run of the show, Boris was also adressed as "Chauncey" and more often, "Eggbert." The Kroffts seemed to have finally decided on "Boris" during an interview on the Lidsville DVD compliation.

Boris lives in a tall, tentlike hood-house in the Bad Hats' clearing. The eyeholes serve as windows.

Oddly enough, Boris was the lone Lidsville cast member left out of Gold Key Comics' comic book adaptation. Although he did appear on some covers, he was not used or mentioned in the interior stories. This may have been to THE COMICS CODE restrictions on horror figures. (And a character that carries an axe around all the time wouldn't be likely to "make the cut" in this case.)