• Doggie300

    New Puppet Series

    May 20, 2018 by Doggie300

    Hello! I found this wiki and thought it was the perfect place to tell you about a YouTube series my friend is making. It's called The Doggie Six, and features 6 Doggie puppets that go on cool adventures. Its episodes will be uploaded on a channel called The Doggie Six - Official Channel. Have fun watching it as soon as it comes out :D

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  • ViciousCritic

    New Puppet Web Series

    September 9, 2012 by ViciousCritic

    Perhaps by coincidence or because of the success of 2011 movie, The Muppets, several interesting puppet web series have popped up online. These may mark the beginning of a resurgence of puppeteering and more consumer interest in puppets.

    The well established Potter Puppet Pals have several videos on YouTube will millions of views, while some promising new entries, like Puppet High and Totally Socks are just getting started.

    Weigh in on whether these should be added to the wiki. Here's an example.

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  • Sasagirl

    You know, I'd like to have a little word about one of my favorite couple pairing ships ever in history, the romantic relationship between Marjory the Trash Heap, and her two rat-like companions, a.k.a. shills and barkers, from Fraggle Rock! Actually, when I saw them for the first time when I was little while watching it with my Mom a long time ago, along with only two episodes of it, I wasn't afraid of her, and also, along with them. Also, when I saw a wikia page on the Muppet Wiki, I found out that she often refers to them as "My boys" often. Oh yeah, and it was so romantic of them all playing together while dating each other when they first appear in I Want to be You. Also, I also think the couple pairing ship of Philo/Gunge as well. I don…

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  • Anthonyangrywolf

    Can someone tell me how to make a professional "2000-present" Bert puppet replica?

    The picture looks like this:

    And how do you make his head, arms, mouth, clothes, skin, unibrow, eyes, nose, ears, hair, pants, shoes, and hands? If you have an idea, please comment down below!

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