Bela the Vampire Hat is a full-bodied character that appeared on the television series Lidsville, produced by Sid and Marty Krofft.

Bela is a member of The Bad Hats, a group of four villainous enforcers hired by the evil magician Horatio J. HooDoo, to keep the citizens of Lidsville, The Good Hats, in line.

Bela, like most of Lidsville's citzenry, is a living, (or unliving ) sentinent hat. His head is a scarlet red top hat, with pink bat ears on the side, and bat-wing type yellow brows over his eyes. This is set upon a body consisting of a flowing vampire's cape/cowl with a high collar. the area between his brim and his collar serves as his mouth, which is filled with a row of sharp fangs. He speaks with a voice based on Bela LaGosi's performance in the classic horror film Dracula.

Bela is supposedly a vampire, and is referred to as such, but aside from his voice and appearance, displays none of the powers or abilities of one during the entire seventeen-episode run of Lidsville. There have been many allusions to his dietary habits- the cowboy hat Tex has referred to him as "that flying bloodmobile" and an irritated HooDoo has asked him outright "Has someone been spiking your plasma?" Another episode has him being late to meet the other Bad Hats, apologizing because "The lid to my coffin got stuck" As for flying or turning into a bat, the only reference to that was in warning HooDoo about an approaching mob of enraged Lidsville citizenry was; "I saw them from the sky." Bela also seems to have no problem surviving out in full daylight.

Bela has his own spooky top-hat shaped home on top of a hill in the Bad Hat's clearing.

Bela also appeared in Gold Key Comics' adaptation of Lidsville, his clothing colored more black than his usual scarlet red, but even still, he showed no real vampiric abilities. In fact, during the comic's five issue run, he wasn't even referred to by his name, or that he was supposed to be a vampire.