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Buster the Bus

BUSter the Bus is an anthropomorphic school bus who takes Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse and Hush Puppy to school each day.

BUSter has his name painted on his sides, and his voice is performed by puppeteer Gord Robertson.

BUSter was once offered a job as tour bus, but realized that Lamb Chop and the others would miss him too much. Used to have a kid he called Butch the bully ride in him, where the bully used to crayon his windows and stick gum under his seats.

BUSter soon realized how much he was cared for when the kids helped him after some bad people came to his garage and did a graffiti job on his sides. They cleaned the graffiti off, and Shari brought him one of their dog's puppies as a gift. They name the puppy "Happy" and he becomes a guard dog for BUSter so that he could better protect himself from bad people.